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Blessed Boards Prayer Bench by Special Order

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PLEASE NOTE: Currently Made to Order. Will ship in 3-4 weeks. (Updated: 11/11/22)

Blessed Boards prayer benches are made in the USA of high quality, solid hardwoods. They are designed to encourage ideal posture and body mechanics to enrich the prayer experience. The bench legs are designed with an adjustable tilt to accommodate various sitting positions and fine-tune the angle for personalized comfort. Two integrated, hand-carved handles allow for easy maneuvering. The signature cross emblem contains flecks of blessed salt. The benches are finished with an all-natural, oil finish. They are ideal for prayer spaces in the home and beyond.



  • Wood species - American Cherry Hardwood
  • Approximate Measurements - Length: 18” x Width: 7.5” x Height: S- 6-7.75” , M- 6.5-8” , L- 7.5-8.75”
  • Splayed legs feature an adjustable tilt to accommodate various sitting positions - ie: reclined kneel or sitting upright with legs bent, extended, or criss-crossed
  • Integrated handles allow for easy maneuverability
  • Each bench is one of a kind; individual benches will vary in wood grain/pattern as well as color (determined by the cut of wood).
  • Finished with a natural, oil wood finish that is plant based and 100% VOC free. No stains are used to finish these benches. The natural color of the wood is highlighted.
  • Benches are for sitting only. DO NOT stand on bench! Exercise caution if you have decreased mobility, unstable joints or circulatory issues of the lower extremities.
  • Designed in collaboration with a Certified Occupational Therapist
  • Handmade in Saint Augustine, Florida


Small - height in kneeling position is roughly 6.5”, intended for persons under 5’3”

Medium - height in kneeling position is roughly 7.5”, intended for persons between 5’3” and 5’10”

Large - height in kneeling position is roughly 8.5”, intended for persons over 5’10” or individuals with long legs or restricted movement

*To evaluate for proper sizing, sit on a stack of books (roughly measured to the above-mentioned heights) with legs to either side of the stack in a reclined kneeling position (to mimic the kneeling position on the bench).

Note: positioning cushions under the knees will limit the spacing under the bench. If this will be common practice then consider purchasing a taller bench. This method may be desirable for those who need more joint comfort or for persons of smaller stature.

10% of all Blessed Boards sales are donated to the Community Cenacolo America.

Custom orders are available, inquire here:

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