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La Leche Necklace

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Devotion to Our Lady of La Leche (Our Lady of the Milk) dates back to a 4th century grotto in Bethlehem, called the Milk Grotto. According to tradition, Mary and Joseph sought refuge in this cave as they were fleeing Herod’s soldiers on their way to Egypt. It is said that Mary rested here to nurse the infant Jesus when a drop of her milk fell upon the stone and turned it white. A church has since been built around the site that has drawn pilgrims from all over the world, especially nursing and pregnant mothers and those wishing to conceive. Many answered prayers and miracles have been attributed to Our Lady’s intercession and visits to both the Milk Grotto as well as the National Shrine of Our Lady of La Leche in Saint Augustine, Florida (America’s oldest Marian Shrine).

This one of a kind necklace features a glass pendant, in the form of a “milk” drop, that contains white rock powder from the Milk Grotto in Jerusalem. Only available at The Blue Mantle.



  • Pendant constructed of glass and stainless steel. Screw top opens to reveal powder. Do not submerge in water. Pendant can be sealed permanently with a drop of super glue by applying (with caution) to the threads of the screw top and closing immediately.
  • Pendant measures 12 x 20mm
  • 18” rhodium cable chain
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